Hi, we are so happy you’ll join us in this amazing adventure 

We’ll give you some tips for your tandem paragliding, so that your paragliding fly will be unforgettable.

Do you suffer from dizziness? 🥴😵

Are you one of the people who get dizzy when you go in the car or when you go in a boat?
You can take a Dramamine pill and your flight will be more comfortable.
If during the flight you start to feel a little dizzy, inform your pilot as soon as possible, he will take steps to make you feel better.

Don’t eat much before your flight 🍔🌭🍕

If you eat a lot before your paragliding flight, you may feel dizzy during your paragliding fly.

I recommend you do not eat at least 2 hours before the flight🪂

Don’t drink alcohol before your flight🚫🍷

Being under the influence of alcohol, it will make your flight unpleasant, people generally get dizzy easily.

Do you have the right clothes? 🤠🧥

Every day is different, it also depends on the time of year when you are going to fly.

In any case, what is important is that you wear sports shoes👟👟

Normally the temperature is usually pleasant throughout the year.

Ask us about how we expect the conditions, and we will tell you what to bring.


What clothes to wear on cold days? ⛸🏒🍧

In winter and spring, we tend to have colder days.

Some days we expect to rise 🌄 higher than others, and the temperature drops.

On cold days, a light jacket and pants would be enough, we have gloves for you.

What clothes to wear on Hot days? 🌞

If we wait for heat, you can wear as you wish.

It is important that you bring water and something to cover yourself from the sun.

Also sunscreen is very important.

Where will we go to fly?

A few days before, once we have a good weather forecast, we decide where we are going and what time we will meet.

We mainly have two flight zones:
The mountains of Agost🌄 el Palomaret
Agost Mountain is a spectacular site, the takeoff is 800 meters above sea level, and we generally fly more than 1000 meters above sea level.

Surrounded by the El Cid mountain and the Maigmó mountain range, El Palomaret is one of the most beautiful places in Spain for free fly.

The Santa Pola Sierra.

Santa Pola paragliding is on the sea side of the Santa Pola cliffs.

It is in Gran Alacant, the takeoff is 110 meters above sea level, and we generally fly more than 200 meters above sea level.

Where do we meet?

Depending on weather conditons we decide where to go, so we got three options:

The mountains🌄 of “El Palomaret”

This is one of the most popular sites for the free fly in Spain.

The views are super beautiful and we can see the Maigmo Peak , the Cid peak and the Alicante City

The road to the launch area is in perfect conditions.

This is the google maps link

You first must go to the village of Agost, then follow the Palomaret sings all the time on the way to the mountain🌄,

There are also some blue arrows on the road that you can follow.

Once you get there, ask about my wife Maria.

The Sierra de Santa Pola🏖

We will fly by the sea looking at the Santa Pola lighthouse, the island of Tabarca and the city of Alicante.

You can park your car🚐,  here.

After parking your car, there is a short 2 min walk to the launch area.

This is the photo of the entrance:

Then pass a short bridge, keep walking and you will reach the flight zone.

Once you get there you ask about my wife Maria.

What should you take with you? 🤠🌞

Takeoff is in a beautiful area, but we don’t have shady spots, so you should bring hat, sunscreen and water.

Your friends can accompany you and be with you while you paraglide.

Do I need to run at takeoff? 🚶‍♀️

For the paragliding takeoff, we only need a strong walk, it will only be 3 or 4 steps and we will be in the air🪂


How long is the tandem paragliding flight?

The tandem paragliding fly lasts from 20 to 30 minutes 🕑

We depend on the weather conditions, but we always try to make your fly as pleasant as possible.


Do you have any questions❔📞
Send us a whatsapp or call us, and we will gladly answer you😉
+34 616193474
We are Maria and Juan

How safe is paragliding?🪂

That is a question that many people ask me, Is it safe to fly in paragliding ?😅

I have been flying paragliding since 1996 and my answer is yes, it is a safe activity 😀
It’s a fact that the paragliding companies pay less insurance than a  🐴 horse riding company.

Paragliding has developed a lot since its beginning where it was an adventure to fly in paragliding.
The first models were very complicated to fly and they had a hard time keeping their shape in the air, that had change a lot.
Flying in paragliding has become a safe activity thanks to the significant advance in the passive safety of paragliding equipment and in the continuous learning of the pilots.
tandem-paragliding-santa pola-06
tandem-paragliding-santa pola-06

Do the paragliding equipment have any homologation?

The DHV homologation consists of tests to which the paragliding equipment are subjected.
They try to verify both their robustness of construction and their characteristics in flight, for this, the paraglider is initially subjected to structural or load tests, which try to determine the quality and reliability of its construction.
The flying tests are performed by an expert pilot 👨‍✈️ , who submits to the paraglider various critical maneuvers (asymmetric losses, bends, behavior in landing and takeoffs, losses, braking, braking, accelerator behavior, turns, etc.). ..) trying to reproduce the incidents that may occur.
The way in which the paraglider reacts to them, and the greater or lesser intervention of the pilot👨‍✈️ to remove the wing from those abnormal flying configurations, makes the paraglider homologated within certain categories or levels.
The paragliding equipment that we use in our tandem in Alicante are approved according to these standards and I can assure you that they are very safe, so much so that in more than 24 years of experience I have never seen any serious problem in this type of paragliders.

But even so, we have a passive safety system, such as an emergency parachute (in case of a major problem in the air) and airbags for our harnesses (in case of slightly abrupt landings).

Meteorological conditions, a great help to our security

source: https://www.meteoblue.com/

Today we can have a very good approximation of meteorological conditions, 🌦 which allows us to know how is the air mass in which we fly, and very important data such as speed and wind direction. ↖⬆⬇↗

Through curves of state, we can see how the wind and the thermal behave during the day, so we can have a good idea of what to expect on our flight.

Within the meteorological conditions to which we must pay more attention are:

The wind

The wind is undoubtedly the first factor to take into account when deciding whether or not it is safe to fly in paragliding.

To safely take off in paragliding there should not be more than 25km of wind in the takeoff, that guarantees us that our speed is positive, that is to say to advance against the wind.


The wind direction

We must also pay attention to the direction of the wind 🪁 , which should be indicated for home flight site, for example in Alicante we have several flight sites for specific wind directions:

Palomaret in Agost it’s to south east.

Santa Pola is a east wind site,.

Benidorm is a south-east site.

The gusts wind

The gusts of wind due to the thermal activity is also to take into account, some bursts can increase the wind speed by up to 15 km per hour.

Fortunately, modern weather forecasts can give us these parameters with accuracy.

We can also say that we can fly with zero wind, we just have to run to reach the flight speed of our paragliders and thus sustain the necessary lift for the flight.


They are undoubtedly one of the factors that must be taken into account for safety the paragliding flight.😯

In general terms we should not fly when there are possibilities of storm.

Storms usually bring associated strong turbulence due to the high wind speeds generated by rain and updrafts of air, often originating micro frontal systems of cold and warm air masses.


Many people ask me, can paragliders fly in the rain?😪

The answer is yes, we can fly in the rain, but there is no need, but if suddenly we are surprised by the rain, we should only take measures such as maintaining the speed of flight (due to the increase in the load alar our minimum speed increases) as well as avoiding sharp turns (avoiding a possible stall on one side of the wing).

Flying under the rain is not pleasant, the lack of visibility along with the possible winds associated with it make flying in rain inadvisable.🛑

Should paragliding pilots have license?

The answer is yes, to fly paragliding commercially in Spain the pilots must opt for a valid national sports technician license.👨‍🎓

This ensures that paragliding pilots on commercial flights have sufficient skills for safe practice.🔐

During the course of paragliding sports technician, the pilot trains in different areas (paragliding techniques, aerology, meteorology, first aid, psychology and legislation) as well as an important number of supervised practice hours that the pilot must perform.

But it is undoubtedly the experience that makes the difference in the level of piloting of paragliding pilots, some skills can only be achieved after years of practice.

Common sense, makes the difference

Paragliding is one of those activities where one can put the degree of difficult depending on the type of flight you want to perform, so the pilot can fly from the placid glides in the morning to the most turbulent hours of midday.👨

Every day is different in paragliding, that is what makes this discipline so marvelous, every day are different and pose different challenges.

But what I think is more important for the practice of tandem paragliding is the common sense, it is the pilot through his experience and good judgment that really makes this discipline very safe.

I hope these words clarify you about safety in paragliding and encourage you either in just solo paragliding or with us in Tandem paragliding, whatever your discipline is, visiting the sky is always a wonderful and unique experience.




Paragliding, Skydiving, Air Balloon whats the difference?

Guaoo , everybody ask me that , some people just say, I’m doing this because I’m preparing for the skydiving.

Well, actually all are air activities but quite different as well , I’ll try to explain it


In Skydiving you take a plane with a monitor.

Once you reach the appropriate altitude level, they open the plane door and you step out of the plane
The free fall is usually quite fast until they open the parachute to stop the falling
In skydiving it’s all about the free falling.

Air Balloon

You go in a basket usually between 6 to 12 people.

Air balloon actually don’t fly, it’s just lighters that the surrounding that’s why it’s goes up.

The balloon pilots are really good , the use the different wind directions at different leves to drive the balloon through the sky.


Paragliding it’s the most lighter glider ever made, actually it’s like a para shut but with the shape of a glider.

In paragliding we enjoy to go up , for that we use the thermals.

We can steer the glider in any direction we want.

We take off from a mountain, and once we are in the air we use the air upwards currents.

Discover Tandem Paragliding in Costa Blanca

I can tell you that we have the best places in Spain for paragliding.

Paragliding is not about to fall, instead paragliding is about to soar up to the sky using thermals (hot air bubbles form when the sun heats the ground), like the birds with flapping.

You have to do it at less once in your live

Do you known how many people tried to fly? , from Leonardo Da Vici to many other, now you have the opportunity to fly like a bird.

Something brand new for the human been

The human been it is not use to fly, we are not coming from the air, instead we are used to the water, if you put a baby in the water it will instinctively swims, but never gonna start flapping in the air.

What are you waiting for, you only life once