Choose one of our Tandems

How does it works?

1.-You choose your pack

If you have a car🚗 during your stay in Spain you can take the PACK PILOT, so you can drive to the flying park a 40 min 🕑 from Alicante, Benidorm, Santa Pola.

If you don’t have a rental car 🧍🏿♂️during your stay you need to take the PACK FULL, this pack includes transportation so you will pick up in Alicante (here), in Benidorm (here), in Santa Pola (here), after the flight we’ll drop you off in the same place.

2.-We take your booking

When we receive your booking we put you in our agenda, we only got 6 places available per day.🌄

If you are planning to fly the same day, please contact us , usually we got room in our van.🚐

You don’t need to pay 💰 when you make your booking, you can pay after you flight.

3.-We get in contact

A few days before the booking we get in contact, once we got a good weather forecast, then we can decide where 🏔🏜🏖 and what time we’ll meet.🕑

We depend on weather conditions, so we only fly if the weather conditions are 100% safe, as we like to say, we are here to have fun and to show you the beauty of the free flying, even though we take all the safety considerations we got a full insurance to keep you cover.

Usually we fly in the mountains when the wind is coming from the south ⬆, south-east ↖, the flying park is here🏔

When the wind is from the east ⬅ we usually go to Santa Pola cliffs here. 🏖

4.-We prepare you for your flight

Once on the flying park we’ll prepare you for your flight, put you on the harness, and briefing about paragliding, and not worries my wife Maria will look after you.😀

5.-Now, we take off , jiiieehaaaa.

We’ll fly paragliding between 20 to 30 min, enjoy the magnificent views 👀 take some nice photos 📸 and make an unforgettable experience.

6.-Go for Landing😃

After we land our van will pick up us, you don’t have to worry about anything.

7.-We show you your photos and videos

After your flight we show you the photos📷and the videos 🎬 of your experience, if you like😁it you can buy for 20€💰

We give you a 16gb USB with all videos and photos, so you can share with friends and family.🥂

We'd love to hear from you 😀

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