Tandem Paragliding in Alicante , the experience of your life

The tandem paragliding in Alicante is a unique and unforgettable experience where you will fly like birds, using the thermal currents of air in Agost, surrounded by the spectacular mountains of Alicante or the currents on the cliffs of Santa Pola with the spectacular view of the Mediterranean Sea
Alicante is one of the best places in Spain to practice paragliding,with a privileged climate you can fly paragliding all year round.

Do not miss our offers: Paragliding Tandem in Alicante, Paragliding Tandem in Benidorm, Paragliding Tandem in Santa Pola.

We show you the best way to enjoy an unforgettable moment, you do not need a car, only the desire to have a great time. Come with us and give one of the best experiences, flights in Paragliding in Alicante, and you will discover how birds do it.

 Nete S ,29 mar 2018 ( review in tripadvisor )

“The best experience, I had ever done in my life? If your going to Alicante or nearby, you just have to try this. If you wanna go over your boundaries and make a different in life Juan and Maria are the perfect team to do it with. They are so supportive and takes care of every single thing, even make you comtable and safe in evey way. They are so sweet?? Muchas gracias!”,

Our tandem paragliding in Alicante packs


Tandem Paragliding in Santa Pola pack pilot

20 to 30 min flight time. You'll steer the glider by yourself Acrobatic session.  

Tandem Paragliding in Santa Pola pack Full

Transportation from Santa Pola to the flying park. 20 to 30 min flight time you'll steer the glider by your self Acrobatic session

Tandem Paragliding in Benidorm pack Full

transportation from Benidorm to the flight Park. 20 to 30 min flight time. You'll steer the glider by yourself Acrobatic session included.

Tandem Paragliding in Benidorm pack pilot

20 to 30 min flight time You'll steer the glider by yourself. Acrobatic flight session.

Tandem Paragliding in Alicante pack pilot

20 to 30 min flight time. You'll steer the glider by yourself. Acrobatic flight session.
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Tandem Paragliding in Alicante pack Full

Tandem paragliding in Alicante Spain Transportation from Alicante include. 20 to 30 min flight time. You'll steer the glider by yourself. Acrobatic flight include.  

What is a tandem paragliding in Alicante ?

The paragliding tandem is a paragliding for two people where you fly with an instructor (certified with more than 20 years of experience).
The Tandem paragliding was completed in three phases.

The tandem paragliding takeoff

For the takeoff you only need to walk at the beginning and when the pilot has the paraglider in vertical and controlled position you will start a small race, two or three steps and you will be in the air.

The tandem paragliding in the air .

What you should do is just follow the movement of the paraglider, if this goes to the left, you lean to the left, this will help the piloting and prevent you from getting dizzy.

The tandem paragliding landing

It’s the simplest, you just have to lift your feet and the pilot does the rest, for this you have a protection airbag system for landing.

In the approach the pilot will ask you to raise your feet, and will do as a swing, at the end of this will stop the paraglider and if the speed is appropriate he will ask you to get up.

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Where do we meet in Alicante?

The meeting point it’s in front of the hotel Melia in Alicante (Paseo del Puerto Viejo,03001 Alicante)

This is the google maps link  https://goo.gl/maps/xms8yWq3CPM2

The best paragliding in Alicante price

We have the best offers so you can chose from 2 different packs ( pack full ,pack pilot)so you can enjoy your paragliding adventure to the fullest.

We fly every day of the week.

All the packs  include:

  • Paragliding flights with certified monitor (I sports technician, with more than 20 years of experience).
  • 20 to 30 minutes of paragliding flight (depending on the weather conditions but if not reaching the flight time, we repeat it to ensure you live the experience to the fullest).
  • Photos and video available ( extra 20 euros ,we  guarantee you the most beautiful photos so you remember your experience).
  • You will pilot the paraglider by yourself (if the weather conditions of the day allow it).
  • Acrobatic flight session (you will feel the G of the centrifugal turns).
  • Own van (which takes us to the takeoff and then looks for us in the landing area).
  • New Equipment and Paragliding Materials (including sail, harness, emergency parachute, airbag in the passenger harness), which guarantees your safety.


We will pick up you in Benidorm, Alicante  at the meeting points.

It is designed so that you do not have a car or just do not want to drive.



We get in touch with you and according to the weather conditions, we tell you where we are going to fly paragliding, then we are at the flight site.

This is the best paragliding flight offer where we guarantee you fly the day you want.

where can I do tandem paragliding in Alicante?

According to the weather conditions we can go paragliding in :

Tandem paragliding in Agost, Alicante

We do the activity in a mountain called Palomaret, which is located in the mountains in Agost, a town 25 km from Alicante.

The thermal flight is characterized by being the most natural, like the birds, we use thermal (columns of rising air that are created by the heating of the earth’s surface), in order to climb as high as possible from the takeoff , which is 850 meters above sea level, an unforgettable adventure.

The takeoff has a spectacular view of the coast of Alicante, and from the sky you can admire the Santa Bárbara castle, and the Alicante bay

In palomaret, you will feel how wonderful this activity is and you will enjoy a charming landscape.


Tandem paragliding in Santa Pola

The flight in Santa Pola is dynamic, where the east wind comes from the sea facing the cliff and is forced to climb, so we will keep flying in the upward direction of the wind.

From the top, we can see the island of Tabarca and the lighthouse of Cape Santa Pola, and below us, the natural beaches of the Mediterranean Sea.

They are lovely flights, relaxing and very appropriate for summer, without a doubt the best activities you can do in Santa Pola.

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Our costumers reviews in Tripadvisor 2018

the meeting point in Alicante

Paseo del Puerto Viejo 03001 Alicante, in front of the hotel Melia

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20 years experience

Our pilots have been flying for more than 20 years and have all the certifications

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In Paragliding in Alicante Spain we have the best prices and the best service in all Costa Blanca

Beautiful Places

You’ll visit the most beautiful landscapes in Alicante

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You just can pay your day trips by Card, Pay Pal, or just at the meeting point

Support Team

We are a small local tour operator, so if you have any issue or special request just call us

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We love to share our enthusiast with you, our paragliding day trips around Alicante are designed to offer safe, comfort and the most exciting paragliding experience

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Tour Reviews

Julie Evjen

Tandem Paragliding in Santa Pola pack Full

We had an amazing day With Juan and Maria. We had the full pack and they picked us up and we had a bit theoretical convercation in the car before we got there. Juan is amazing with people and i felt really safe. The flying part was also really special and nice. All in all a good expirience.

Chris & Anne

Tandem Paragliding in Benidorm pack Full

Paragliding with Juan and Maria.
This is the best activity available if your looking for an adrenalin hit whilst in Alicante or Benidorm, it well run by a very experienced pilot whose main concern is your safety. I had 2 flights as the first time there weren’t any thermals, on the second flight we found some lift and soared above the mountains like birds, it cold this time of year so wrap up well.
All in all an unforgettable experience with some great people, many thanks Juan & Maria. All the best Chris and Anne