Tandem paragliding in Alicante pack pilot

Have you ever dreamed of flying like birds?.🐦

With our Tandem paragliding in Alicante,🪂 you can make your dream come true.

Alicante is one of the best paragliding spots in Europe and Spain.

You will soar with one of our 24 years experience ( with all the insurance and licenses )

Enjoy the most spectacular scenery, flying paragliding over Agots valley.

This will be for sure the highlight of your holidays.

              Amazing Experience

Very lovely team, very good instruction, feeling super safe all the time. Amazing, long ride! Definitely recommending this to all people looking for a unique experience up in the air! I Will do again.TripAdvisor 

What’s included in your Tandem Paragliding in Alicante?


  • 🧍Briefing before the flight.
  • 👌 24 years of pilot experience.
  • 📓 All the licenses and insurance.
  • 🪂All our equipment is new.
  • 🕑 20 to 30 minutes fly time.


  • 📸📽 Photos y vídeos of your experience 20 euros in an 8gb USB.

How does the tandem paragliding works?

  • 🕑We decide what time we’ll go depending on weather conditions.
  • 🚐 We will decide where we’ll go paragliding once depending on the weather conditions,
  • ☎we will send you the google map address.
  • 🪂 We go paragliding ( usually around 2 hours the whole tour).

Where are we going to fly?🪂



We fly over the Agost valley, in Palomaret mountain.

The view of Alicante and the Siera is spectacular.



Where is the meeting point?🚐

We will decide where we’ll go paragliding once depending on the weather conditions,

☎we will send you the google map address.

Usually we go to Palomaret which is one of the best paragliding spots in Spain.

 What do I need to bring?👟

 Bring some good footwear (sneakers, running shoes), something that can give you good ankle support, as you are required to do a short run on takeoff.

We’ll prepare you for a save flight👌😊

First of all, we will give you an introductory talk where we will explain step by step how we will do the activity.

How to prepare for takeoff, during flight, and for landing.

How long does the whole trip take?🕑

About 2 hours for the round trip.

How long will my paragliding flight last?🚀

The tandem flight lasts between 20 to 30 minutes.

We rely on mother nature, so it can vary quite a bit.

Sometimes the flights are longer than the average, sometimes a bit shorter.

Are there any restrictions?🙄

Yes. The minimum weight for a passenger on a paraglider is 50 kg, the maximum is 100kg.

Can I bring a friend to watch it?🧍🧍‍

We’d love you to bring a friends, the place it’s really nice for expectators 

How can I Book my tandem paragliding?📓

A WhatsApp or call us +34616193474 or +34609205034

Send us an e-mail  summerparagliding@gmail.com

Do you do photos and videos?📸📽

Yes, we take photos and videos of your tandem paragliding in Alicante for 20 € as an optional service.

We’ll show you them and you decide if you want it

If you like it we will give you on a USB, so you can enjoy and share it with your family and friends.

Check Our reviews in Tripadvisor 

Yes we are so proud about the reviews of tandem paragliding in Alicante from our customer in TripAdvisor, tripadvisor.es/summerparagliding

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We are a small local tour operator, so if you have any issue or special request

If you have any question don’t hesitate in contact or just call us http://alicantetours4you.com/contact-us/

Do you have any question?

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01:00PM: Meeting

Meeting at Plaza puerta del mar Alicante

01:45 PM : Arriving

  Arriving the Flying field


05.00PM: Depart

Depart fromthe Flying field

06:00PM Arrive

   Arrive Alicante

Meeting point : Plaza puerta del mar, Alicante

tandem-paragliding-santa pola-06

Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 1 review

Dear Juan and Maria,
thank you for the breathtaking and amazing flight with you. It was such a great experience for me.
I had the full pack and everything was fine. I found them with their van to pick me up easily. From the beginning it was a sympathic and relaxed atmosphere. Juan and his wife Maria were so helpfull and positive all the time. During the flight you feel like you don’t have to worry about anything. I just felt free and enjoyed the amazing view in the mountain. After a while flying with Juan I felt a little travel sick in the air, but he reacts immadietly to make me feel better.
It was a perfect day to me. I can recommend it absolutly for everyone because it was not like a shock or adrinaline kick. It is even more like an adventure and calming down at same time.

Best regards from Germany,


Thank you so much Carolin

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