Paragliding, Skydiving, Air Balloon whats the difference?

Guaoo , everybody ask me that , some people just say, I’m doing this because I’m preparing for the skydiving.

Well, actually all are air activities but quite different as well , I’ll try to explain it


In Skydiving you take a plane with a monitor.

Once you reach the appropriate altitude level, they open the plane door and you step out of the plane
The free fall is usually quite fast until they open the parachute to stop the falling
In skydiving it’s all about the free falling.

Air Balloon

You go in a basket usually between 6 to 12 people.

Air balloon actually don’t fly, it’s just lighters that the surrounding that’s why it’s goes up.

The balloon pilots are really good , the use the different wind directions at different leves to drive the balloon through the sky.


Paragliding it’s the most lighter glider ever made, actually it’s like a para shut but with the shape of a glider.

In paragliding we enjoy to go up , for that we use the thermals.

We can steer the glider in any direction we want.

We take off from a mountain, and once we are in the air we use the air upwards currents.

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I can tell you that we have the best places in Spain for paragliding.

Paragliding is not about to fall, instead paragliding is about to soar up to the sky using thermals (hot air bubbles form when the sun heats the ground), like the birds with flapping.

You have to do it at less once in your live

Do you known how many people tried to fly? , from Leonardo Da Vici to many other, now you have the opportunity to fly like a bird.

Something brand new for the human been

The human been it is not use to fly, we are not coming from the air, instead we are used to the water, if you put a baby in the water it will instinctively swims, but never gonna start flapping in the air.

What are you waiting for, you only life once